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By Latha on February 16th, 2019

how to store leaves

Kitchen tips and tricks are explained with pictures and video. Learn some useful kitchen tips tricks. These are some of the easy and helpful kitchen tips and tricks of Indian kitchen.

Learn how to store curry leaves and coriander leaves for long time. Here is a better way to store curry leaves and coriander leaves. With this method the leaves stay fresh for long time or nearly a month.

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How to store leaves

Kitchen tips and tricks with pictures:

  1. Pick the curry leaves. Pick only good leaves. Make sure there are no spider webs.picking curry leaves to store it for long time
  2. Rinse the leaves and spread it on a cotton cloth. Leaves it for 1 - 2 hours or until the water content is dried.rinsed curry leaves to store it for long time
  3. Take a container. Place a piece of tissue paper at the bottom. Transfer the leaves into the container and refrigerate it. Leaves stay good for 1 month.storing curry leaves for long time
  4. Pick and separate the fresh coriander leaves. Separate the old leaves, which you can use it first. Discard the roots portion.picking coriander leaves
  5. Make sure the leaves are dry. Wrap them in a small piece of news paper.storing coriander leaves for long time
  6. And then put the wrapped leaves in a clean plastic cover. Refrigerate it and rinse them before use.storing coriander leaves for long time

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