Recipes and Health benefits of doddapatre leaves (Indian borage)

Hello everyone!! I am back with a collection of recipes from a well known medicinal herb having soft and thick leaves. It has an oregano-like flavor and odor. This herb is familiar by name "Doddapatre" or "Sambrani" or "Sambarballi" in Kannada language (Karnataka, India). In India this tender fleshy plant is familiar by different names in different languages like Ajwain or Patharchur(Hindi), Ova paan(Marathi), Panikoorka(Malayalam), Omavalli or Karpuravalli(Tamil), Vamu aaku(telugu), Pashanabedi(Sanskrit). It grows quickly, requires little water, and can grow in any type of weather conditions. I too have a doddapathre plant in my balcony. Have a look on my plant and the dishes I prepared using these leaves.collection of recipes from doddapatre leaves

This plant is cultivated and used in many houses in India but this plant is native to Africa. The scientific name of the plant is "Plectranthus amboinicus". It is also known as Indian borage(India), Mexican Mint(US), French thyme(South Africa), Spanish thyme(US), Indian Mint(Africa, US), country borage (Africa, India, US), and other colloquial names. The leaves are strongly flavoured and are used as an addition to stuffings and to flavour various dishes.

The leaves have many traditional medicinal uses, especially for the treatment of coughs, sore throats, nasal congestion, infections, rheumatism, fever, chronic asthma, hiccup, bronchitis, convulsions, epilepsy, skin ulcerations, insect bite, skin allergy, wounds and diarrhoea. Also it helps in cancer prevention, kidney health, regulating digestion and to improve liver health. You can read more about medicinal uses at the end of this article. Now let us get on to the collection of recipes from Doddapathre leaves.

Doddapathre-Onion chutney | Indian borage-onion curry

Doddapathre onion chutney is the tastiest chutney recipe prepared using doddapathre leaves, onion and coconut. This is a must try tasty and healthy chutney, which goes very well with everything. I learnt this recipe from my dearest Saroja aunty who lives in Mysore. Do try this chutney, its yummy and I am sure you all will love it!!....[Read more »]

Traditional medicinal uses of Doddapathre leaves:

Cold, fever or respiratory issues:

  • Chew on the leaves of Indian borage
  • Brew a herbal tea prepared using doddapathre leaves, crushed dried ginger, crushed pepper, jaggery and thulasi leaves
  • Place the leaves on a hot pan to make them soft. Squeeze out the juice (1 tsp), add honey (1/2 tsp) and drink
  • Skin allergy or insect bites:

  • Squeeze out the juice and apply it on affected area. The anti-inflammatory compounds can quickly reduce redness, swelling, itchiness and irritation.
  • For all other health benefits:

  • Brew a herbal tea prepared using doddapathre leaves and sugar
  • Include the leaves in your diet by preparing different recipes.
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