20 ways to earn money through cooking | Work from home options through cooking | How to earn money by cooking

By Latha on September 15th, 2018

ways to earn money through cooking

Learn 20 different ways to earn money through cooking. Work from options or part-time working options like blogging, catering, making videos, food reviews, baking, food styling etc., are explained here.

I have explained few options as per my knowledge and my understanding. Hope it will be of some use to the needy people. If you need any further information on below said points..you can drop a comment below, I will try to share more details on it.

I have made a quick video on this with Kannada narration, which I have embedded it below. Kindly have a look.

1. Cooking to the neighbours:

Supply home cooked food to the needy people and earn money. In your neighbourhood there may be some old age people or busy parents or bachelors or a small office, who are in need of home cooked food. The requirement may be for the breakfast or lunch or snacks or light dinner. You can consider this as a part time working option.

2. Work as a chef from home:

There are many websites, who supply home cooked food. You can join them as a chef and cook the food according to their requirement. This is a complete work from home option. Aloso no marketing and delivery headache.

3. Start a website to supply home cooked food:

Start your own website, to supply home cooked food and home products.

4. Preparing home products:

You can make masala powders, chutney powders, pickles, papad, fryums or any other deep fried snacks at home. Pack it and sell it in your neighbourhood or tie up with nearby shops. You can also market the products through social media.

5. Become a home product dealer:

If you are good at marketing, get the home products from others, do the quality check and then sell it to the shops. You may cook or you may not cook in this option. But you will be doing more of marketing work. But believe me, this is one highly earning work from home option.

6. Baking:

Start baking business. Bake cakes, cupcakes, cookies and muffins for birthday parties or any other special occasions. You need to learn baking and have an oven at home. You can make use of social media for marketing.

7. Theme based cooking and event management:

If you have event management qualities along with cooking, you can take up the complete event management order. Hire people and run the business. You can also follow theme based cooking and start a new trend.

8. Become food stylist:

If you have food styling qualities, you can tie up with a restaurant or with a food photographer. You can choose this as a part time work option.

9. Become a caterer:

You can start catering business, either as a small scale caterer or as a large scale caterer. Use social media for marketing.

10. Become a food blogger:

Start your own recipe website. Cook food and explain the recipes. You need to be good at writing and should be ready to workhard.

11. Write recipes to other websites:

Start writing recipes to other websites or blogs. There are many websites, who accepts recipes from others.

12. Make food vlogs:

Start making food and travel vlogs and upload the videos on YouTube. If you are good at facing the camera, you are a foodie and a traveller..this is the best option for you.

13. Make Youtube videos:

Start making recipe videos. You need to have a camera, tripod, video editing skills and cooking interest. This is another successful option but you need to work hard until it clicks.

14. Start cooking classes:

If you are really good at cooking, but you don't like a lot of cooking, then start conducting cooking classes. Use social media for marketing.

15. Open a cafeteria:

If you are good at handling the people and the business, then go ahead and start your own cafe or any other food outlet. Try to think of some unique options.

16. Become a seasonal caterer:

Start seasonal catering business like catering for festivals and catering duing some special days.

17. Become a food specialist:

Do a detailed study on any special diet. Either ingredient based or any ailment based. And start working as a consultant or start a blog or start a Youtube channel on the same.

18. Become a nutritionist or dietician:

Do a crash course and become a nutritionist or dietician. You can tie up with a clinic or start doing private consultation.

19. Food reviews:

If you are very good at writing and judging, start writing food reviews, restaurant reviews, website reviews and reviews on cooking appliances.

20. Cook book:

IF you know many many recipes, then you can think of writing a cook book. But you should not copy paste the recipes. Try to write a cook book on your own recipes. You can sell them on flipkart or amazon or any other book outlets.

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