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By Latha on October 9th, 2018

kitchen tips and tricks

Kitchen tips and tricks are explained with pictures and video. Learn some useful kitchen tips tricks. These are some of the easy and helpful kitchen tips and tricks of Indian kitchen.

I have explained the tips and tricks to cut green chili, extract the lemon juice easily, peel the ginger, chop the ginger, keep ants away from sugar, avoid tears while cutting onion and to peel the garlic easily.

There are many more tips and tricks followed in the kitchen, which I will post in the next post.

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I have made a video on this tips and tricks with Kannada narration, which I have embedded it below. Kindly have a look.

Kitchen tips and tricks - part1

Kitchen tips and tricks with pictures:

  1. Use scissors to chop green chilies. This helpful to avoid burning of fingers after cutting green chilies. You can also chop coriander leaves or any other leaves using the scissors.rinsed gooseberry for amla powder or nellikai pudi
  2. Press and roll the lemon until lemon is soft. After that, either wipe or rinse the lemon. Finally halve it and squeeze out the juice. Juice extraction will be very easy and you get more juice too.drying gooseberry for amla powder or nellikai pudi
  3. Peeling ginger is little tricky. So use a spoon to peel the ginger. You can finish the work in no time.deseed gooseberry for amla powder or nellikai pudi
  4. Now to chop the ginger, either use a grater or make thin slices and crush them. Within few seconds you will be ready with chopped ginger.drying gooseberry pieces for amla powder or nellikai pudi
  5. Ants love sugar and if by mistake the lid was not properly closed, ants will definitely come in search of sugar. Now to be on safer side, put 4 - 5 cloves in the sugar container. Cloves will keep the ants at bay!drying goaseberry for amla powder or nellikai pudi
  6. Chopping onion will surely make you cry..especially if you want to chop more than 2 onions. So after halving and peeling the onion, quicky rinse them using good water. Enjoy chopping..No more crying while chopping the onion. dried gooseberry for amla powder or nellikai pudi
  7. Crush the whole garlic for easy peeling. Kindly watch the video..given above after the description.amla powder or nellikai pudi
  8. Or otherwise, soak the garlic cloves in hot water for few minutes and then peel. You can peel the garlic very easily with this trick.coconut and gooseberry powder for nellikai thambli or amla raita

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