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Vegrecipesofkarnataka Welcome to "Veg Recipes of Karnataka". We are a team of Kannadigas behind this recipes website. Our goal is to provide you with a tried, tasted and liked recipes from the state of Karnataka, India. The main aim to start this website is to inspire others to cook with ease. With few years of experience in the kitchen hope we can provide you the easy, simple and tasty versions of the recipes.
And we as a group, we hail from different parts of Karnataka and obviously we hope we can provide justice to "Veg Recipes of Karnataka". You will find only vegetarian recipes on this website. And we are happy to inform you that this is a bilingual website and the Kannada version of this website is available under the link "".

Karnataka is a state with diverse religious and linguistic ethnicities and so is the cuisine. Karnataka is famous for varieties of vegetarian cuisine. The Kannada Cuisine is one of the oldest surviving cuisines and traces its origin to Iron Age.

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A mom of 6 year old boy Shreevathsa Holla, running a happy and contented life with her husband Raghavendra Holla. She runs a home based "Webdesign and development" firm called "Chukkis Websoft Solutions". This website also designed and maintained from her.
All the recipes on this website are tried and tasted in our kitchen many times.
All the pictures are shot by us in our kitchen and not edited much except to brighten and sharpen them.
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